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Golden Deliciousgolden_delicious

It is still one of the most wanted varieties by today’s consumers. The basic characteristic are in the name itself – GOLDEN DELICIOUS. Extremely sweet taste with a very pleasant high quality aroma. High levels of sugar make it very attractive for children.



granny_smithGranny Smith

The most popular apple in northern and eastern Europe where Donerra sells most of its products. The fruit is sour and with not so strong aroma with a distinctly green color with pronounced white lenticelas.




Extraordinary organoleptic characteristics, especially in terms of color and crispiness. The skin is red with orange-red shades and of medium thickness. The flesh is yellow to cream color, of fine structure, firm, crisp and juicy. Extremely high yields.




The base color is pale green, and most of it is covered with intense redness. The fruit is large to very large, of round-cake shape. Sour-sweet taste.




red-jonaRed Jonaprinc

A fantastic red-colored representative of the Jonagold Group, sweetly sour and very juicy. The fruits are very large, juicy with pronounced aroma. Already in July, a gentle red cover color begins to develop which, during the harvest period, turns into very intense.




The apple of yellow fruits with a mild red blush. Sweet rich taste, specific aroma, crispy texture of flesh. Resistant to the diseases.




Variety originating from Japan. The basic color of the fruits is yellow-green covered by attractive red-pink shades. Aromatic, of extremely sweet taste, crispy and juicy.





  • Single-row wooden crate 60×40
  • Single-row wooden crate 50×30
  • Single-row wooden crate 40×25

Max pack 13 – 15 kg