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The fruit is large to a very large, of elongated-round shape, orange-colored skin, with abundant redness on much of the fruit (25-40%), which makes it very attractive.
The flesh is orange, juicy, slightly sour, aromatic, very tasty, refreshing and easily separated from the pit.




The fruit is medium-sized to large, round, and slightly flattened on the side, with a light orange-colored skin with abundant redness on the sunny side (25-35%).
The flesh is light orange-colored, solid, juicy, of fine texture, aromatic and very tasty, easily separated from the pit.



Novosadska rodna (high-yield variety from Novi Sad)

The fruit is very large (about 80g). The skin is orange, with blush on the sunny side.
The flesh is orange, juicy, sweet-to-sour, very tasty, with sweet kernels.



Novosadska kasnocvetna (late flowering variety from Novi Sad)

Medium-sized to large, approximately 55g, egg-shaped with pointed tip, light orange-colored shades with mild blush on the sunny side, splitting.
The flesh is firm, pale orange-colored, refreshing and aromatic





  • Single-row wooden crate 60×40
  • Single-row wooden crate 50×30
  • Single-row wooden crate 40×25

Max pack 13 – 15 kg